The new Chaotic Family unisex T-shirt, 100% made of recycled cotton. For every 100% recycled T-shirt we save 2500 liters of drinkable water, wich is the amount of water needed to grow enough cotton to produce a regular T-shirt.  This product also avoid the emission of 1kg of CO2 that would be released by not recycling the materials used in it's production. 


The T-shirt can be preordered during the whole month of September, at the end of this peridod all the pre ordered T-shirt will be produced for our costumers to avoid the waste of resources that producing stock would generate.




    Switzerland: FREE

    Rest of the World: 15 CHF


    All the shippings around Lugano will be made by E-Bike to reduce CO2 emissions.






    If you want to return something just text us at and we will arrange the return and give you your money back. No damaged or used items will be refunded. The cost of the shipping will not be refunded.